Fast and Honest Water Heater Repair Services

It is a fact that even the highest quality water heater will at some point need repair or replacement services. Even if you take care of your heater it is still possible that something will break down unexpectedly. This is because the heater is under constant pressure, day in and day out. Unlike other plumbing appliances in your home, a water heater is an appliance that is subjected to daily use and a lot of wear and tear. But homeowners need not worry when they call Henderson Pro Plumbing & Drain.

We help Henderson, NV, homeowners solve their water heater problems 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Our Water Heater Repair Services Are Affordable for All Budgets

Have we introduced you to our upfront pricing policy? Traditionally, a service professional would come to your home and provide you with an estimate for parts and labor. This estimate may come close to the actual repairs, but it could also be substantially lower than the final cost. We know our customers prefer peace of mind over guesswork. This is why all our quotes are based on the job, not an hourly wage.

Do You Need Gas or Electric Repair or Installation Services?

Give us a call and we’ll help you troubleshoot. Water heaters can make noises sometimes, especially when they turn on. But if your heater is making a sound that seems strange, let us take a listen. When you call us on the phone, we’ll go through a checklist with you to help us gather preliminary information to pass on to one of our certified technicians.

Here are some signs and symptoms of water heater problems to keep an eye out for:

  • Poor heating
  • Smelly water
  • Dirty, rusty water
  • Leaks near the heater

All of our contractors are trained to perform water heater repair on gas, electric, and tankless water heaters. We require all the contractors that respond to calls on our behalf to be trained, insured, and properly licensed in Henderson, NV.

Henderson Pro Plumbing & Drain Is the Leader in Emergency Service

Why do our customers prefer our service model over other plumbing service companies in Henderson, NV? We think it’s pretty obvious. From our flexible scheduling, extended service hours, and exceptional warranties, we just can’t be beat by any other company in town.

If you have questions concerning water heater replacement or repair, call the fast, honest, and professional technicians. We’re available 24/7! Let us help you with all your residential service needs including faucet repair, toilet installation, and leak detection.